5 Content Marketing Trends for 2023

Content marketing continues to be an essential strategy for businesses looking to attract and retain customers. As we enter 2023, several key trends are emerging that smart content marketers should have on their radar. In this post, we’ll explore five content marketing trends to watch out for in the coming year.

More Focus on Video Content

Video content, such as explainers, how-tos, or branded stories, is growing increasingly popular with consumers. In 2023, expect to see content marketers investing even more in video across platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

Video content tends to keep viewer attention for longer. It also helps build brand awareness and trust. The key for marketers will be to focus on video that provides value to the audience rather than hard sells. Useful, entertaining and informational video content will be embraced.

Live-Streaming and Events Gain Traction

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Along with on-demand video, live-streamed video events are also on the rise. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube Live make it easy to connect with audiences in real-time.

In 2023, more brands will leverage live-streaming for product launches, behind-the-scenes footage, Q&As, workshops, and more. The interactive nature of live video helps build stronger connections with customers.

Marketers should focus on promoting their live streams, interacting with audiences in real-time, and repurposing content across platforms. Spending some time rehearsing and preparing helps ensure live streams go smoothly.

Growth of Interactive Content

Interactive content like quizzes, calculators, configurators, and even augmented reality allow consumers to engage more deeply. Rather than passive consumption, interactive content gets users actively involved.

Expect interactive content to become more central to content marketing strategies in 2023. This content can boost time on site, build brand affinity, and qualify leads. However, marketers will need to ensure it is designed user-first and provides real value.

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Focus on Customer Journeys

Today’s consumers expect personalized, tailored content catered to where they are in their customer journey. Generic, one-size-fits-all content simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

In 2023, smart content marketers will obsess over mapping customer journeys to uncover pain points and opportunities to provide useful content. Content will be focused on specific buyer stages and personas.

For example, an awareness stage buyer may benefit most from educational content explaining key concepts. Further down the funnel, a prospects closer to a purchase may need content focused on product comparisons or resolving common objections.

Prioritizing Mobile-Friendly Content

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With increasing internet usage on mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly content strategy is more important than ever. Content that is not optimized for mobile risks losing traffic.

In 2023, marketers should audit their content across devices to identify issues. This may involve adjustments to layout, text size, CTAs and more. Video content in vertical format optimized for mobile viewing will also gain traction.

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Key Takeaways

  1. Video, live-streaming and interactive content are on the rise as consumers seek more engaging formats.
  2. Customer journeys and buyer stages will dictate content themes and messaging.
  3. Mobile optimization is critical, with video formatted for mobile consumption.
  4. Providing value, not sales pitches, is key to earning trust and loyalty.
  5. Tracking performance and optimizing based on data will help sharpen content strategies.

By staying on top of these content marketing trends, marketers can ensure their efforts resonate in an evolving landscape. Remember to always put audience needs front and center when mapping out plans for 2023. Value-driven content tailored to different customer journeys will continue driving results.


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