How to Market Your Social Business

Market Your Social Business – Social enterprises take an unconventional approach to business by putting mission before profits. But purpose-driven branding presents unique marketing challenges when appealing to values-motivated consumers in a crowded space.

This comprehensive guide explores proven strategies tailored specifically to market social businesses effectively. Follow these best practices to authentically communicate your “why”, attract conscious customers, and stand out as a business doing good.

Spotlight Your Mission and Impact

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Leading with purpose is imperative. Demonstrate how your operations and offerings drive positive social or environmental change.

  • Share the specific societal problem your business aims to address
  • Quantify and report measurable outcomes aligned to your mission
  • Communicate how you assessed community needs to develop responsive solutions
  • Authentically convey why you chose a for-profit model to maximize impact

Transparency around your mission and business model selection builds trust with skeptics and establishes your commitment to doing good.

Bring Your “Why” to Life Through Storytelling

While showcasing helpful facts and figures, also stir hearts by humanizing your origin story.

  • Share your founders’ personal “ah-ha” moments that sparked the enterprise.
  • Introduce individual makers, artisans and community partners you empower.
  • Collect inspiring customer testimonials on the true impact your product or service provided them.
  • Take audiences behind-the-scenes into your operations through blog posts and social media.

Storytelling makes your mission memorable and forges emotional connections with purpose-driven consumers.

Validate Your Commitment Through Certifications

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Prominently display respected third-party certifications like Fair Trade, B Corp, or Carbonfree® that validate your social and environmental commitment.

Further build trust by:

  • Openly sharing results of independent assessments and audits
  • Linking to verified impact reports on sustainability, donations, or ethics
  • Publishing annual “giving back” reports detailing quantified community investments

Proving your dedication to transparency sets you apart from competitors simply paying lip service to doing good.

Curate User Generated and Cause-Related Content

Conscious consumers increasingly make purchase decisions based on a brand’s societal impact and moral compass. Actively curate and re-share compelling user generated and cause-related content.

  • Reshare UGC of customers organically advocating your mission and products.
  • Feature updates and news related to the specific needs or injustices your business aims to address.
  • Collaborate with brand ambassadors and nonprofits authentically aligned with your cause.

This socially conscious content keeps your core purpose top of mind while engaging your community.

Cultivate Brand Loyalists

Loyal brand enthusiasts make the best marketers. Identify and nurture devoted customer evangelists.

  • Gift free products to select microinfluencers who authentically share your mission.
  • Spotlight UGC and reviews from fervent customers. Make them feel valued.
  • Create formal brand ambassador programs with perks for power users to represent your brand.

When purpose-driven customers feel invested in your mission, they eagerly promote your brand within their own networks. Offer VIP treatment and exclusives to nurture true loyalists.

Balance Purpose Marketing With Selling

How to Market Your Social Business

Market Your Social Business – While showcasing your “why” comes first, integrating basic marketing remains essential for converting new audiences.

  • Ensure your website includes products, services, shopping details and contact information.
  • Share latest inventory, sales, and special offers across social media. Offer occasional giveaways.
  • Run local paid advertising to attract relevant demographics.
  • Collect and showcase customer testimonials that highlight product benefits in addition to purpose.

The ideal marketing mix simultaneously appeals to values while making it frictionless for inspired audiences to purchase and support your mission with their dollars.

By genuinely communicating your societal impact and purpose while also nailing marketing fundamentals, social enterprises gain an edge. Your business can make the world better and drive profits by proudly and authentically highlighting your “why” in all brand communications.

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